A Bit of a Segue, by Design

If you landed here expecting to see design writing by Saxon Henry, apologies: she is now blogging about literature, writing, travel and all things narrative on Improvateur. Please stop in if you’d like to follow the new conversation! I also handle new media strategy for design clients, maintaining blogs and social media platforms for forward-thinkers in the design universe. It’s a wild, wild world on the web and graining traction on Google to draw all the eyes that might boost your brand is getting harder by the nanosecond, making my work challenging but all the more rewarding!

You can find news about my books on my Amazon author page. I’ve just released a new ebook based upon a memoir I was writing on the blog “The Road to Promise” once upon a time. The book is The Home of the Brave and you can purchase it for your e-reader or mobile device on Kindle for $2.99. I’ve been told it’s a quick but satisfying read! Pryor Callaway wrote, “Saxon Henry’s book is brilliant: it touched me with many different emotions and opened my eyes. I took my birthday afternoon off and finished it, somewhat selfishly as I have needed creative inspiration as a fine artist recently, and boy am I inspired! This author has put into this world a piece of art that is thought-provoking as well beautifully written. Through her eyes, she has helped me question our history, our humanity, and the need/effect of religion. In a nutshell, this book should be required reading!”

An excerpt by another reviewer includes this incredible compliment to me as a writer: “One of my favorite soul-enlightening reads this year. A beautiful story of bravery, struggle, soul searching and discovering your voice, yourself and your tribe told through two inextricably intertwined and soul searing narratives. One is of the author’s interactions with the Sioux Indians she has set out to help; the other is the author’s internal struggles that simmer below the surface as she comes to terms with the heaviness of her past, the fear that surrounds her, and by the spirit crushing practice of remaining silent when she wants to scream out against injustice.” You can see more of the review on the book’s Kindle page.

And JoAnn Locktov wrote of Home of the Brave: “A fascinating personal journey, written with an open heart and open mind. It is so easy for us to avoid this shameful part of our history and as long as we do, we will keep repeating the same atrocities. I marveled at the author’s ability to question, especially when that inquisitive part of her mind was constantly being told to hush up. A brave story, with important lessons for us all.”

More in keeping with my design/architecture journalistic past is the second book available on Amazon: Four Florida Moderns. My publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, dubbed the book “A colorful survey exploring the diverse styles of the arbiters of modernism in Florida.” A few more details to whet your palate:

“Alberto Alfonso, René González, Chad Oppenheim, and Guy Peterson—The Florida Four—are making a mark for themselves in contemporary architectural circles, infusing modernist traditions with their own flair. Practitioners of modernism in Florida—or, more accurately, tropical modernism—they are producing noteworthy works that display their commitment to distinctive regionalism. This book is the first to showcase their rich and varied repertoires.

“Each of the four architects has a unique take on modernism, resulting in four very different aesthetic approaches. From airports, medical facilities, and museums to open-air chapels, waterfront homes, and condominium complexes, their designs are fascinating for both their rootedness in modernist ideals and their dramatically different interpretations of it.

“More than 300 vibrant, full-color photographs offer a survey of work by each of the architects. At once a striking visual tour and a thoughtful examination, Four Florida Moderns treats readers to the rich and innovative styles of tropical modernism as conceived by four trailblazing architects. “

If you’re a fan of modern architecture, the work in this book shines! If you are a travel enthusiast, you can visit me on Roaming by Design, which intermingles myriad subjects relating to design with some of the world’s most interesting travel destinations. Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I hope to see you on my other sites as I continue to explore new territory as a writer/strategist.